DiGirolamo Appointed Chairman of PIAA Oversight Committee
HARRISBURG – In a continuing effort to ensure that high school athletics are being held to high standards within Pennsylvania and are adhering to reforms that were implemented more than 15 years ago, Rep. Gene DiGirolamo (R-Bucks) has been again elected chairman of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) Legislative Oversight Committee in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

“As I continue my tenure as chairman, I remain committed to our goal of ensuring that interscholastic athletics are administered as effectively and as fairly as possible for all of our high school students,” DiGirolamo said. “Overall, I want to ensure that scholastic athletics in the Commonwealth are the best they can be for our student athletes.”

The six-member oversight committee is comprised of three members of the House and three members of the Senate. Four of the six are Republicans, with the remaining two Democrats.

Again this session, the committee includes Sens. Joe Scarnati (R-Jefferson), Robert “Tommy” Tomlinson (R-Bucks) and Jay Costa (D-Allegheny), along with DiGirolamo and Reps. Mike Reese (R-Westmoreland/Somerset) and Rob Matzie (D-Beaver/Allegheny).

The committee reviews the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association’s (PIAA) compliance with 13 legislatively mandated reforms and responds to issues related to PIAA activities referred to the committee.

Oversight of the PIAA by members of the Legislature began in 2000 after the General Assembly enacted legislation to require the PIAA to enact specific reforms that were designed to improve the financial condition and management of high school athletics in the Commonwealth.

Representative Gene DiGirolamo
18th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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