House Committee Hearing to Focus on Eliminating the Stigma of Mental Health
WHAT: The House Human Services Committee, led by Rep. Gene DiGirolamo (R-Bucks), will hold a public hearing about how the stigma regarding mental health can be eliminated.
WHO: DiGirolamo and members of the House Human Services Committee. Those expected to offer testimony include Tim Clement, Scattergood Fellow on Stigma Reduction; Thomas Scattergood, Behavioral Health Foundation; Alyssa Goodin, director, Advocacy and Policy Division, Mental Health Association of Southeastern PA; Jeff Shair, mental health consultant; Sue Walther, executive director, Mental Health Association in PA; Dr. Mary Ann Venezia; and Sol Vazquez-Otero, senior mental health advocate, on behalf of the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania.
WHEN: Thursday, April 2, 10 a.m.
WHERE: 60 East Wing, Capitol Complex, Harrisburg.
LIVE WEBSTREAMING: The meeting will be streamed live at

Media contact: Jennifer Keaton, 717.705.2094,