DiGirolamo to Continue Service as Labor Relations Chairman
In his efforts to help working families around the Commonwealth, Rep. Gene DiGirolamo (R-Bucks) is pleased to continue his service as Republican chairman of the House Labor Relations Committee.
“During the past session with this committee, we have been able to advance important legislation that helps workers throughout the state while ensuring that employment laws are being enforced,” DiGirolamo said. “With jobless numbers on the rise due to our struggling economy, issues dealing with unemployment compensation are likely to be on our agenda in the new session.”
The Labor Relations Committee considers legislation dealing with the state’s work force, including issues specifically directed at the relationship between employers and employees. This session, the committee is expected to work on workforce development, job creation and other related employment issues.
The committee also has legislative oversight of the Department of Labor and Industry, as well as the workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation systems.
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